Q- Will there be other customers you will need to pick up along the way?
A- No. This is not a shared ride. This is a private ride.

Q- Can you provide a car seat or booster?
A- Yes. One of each. No charge.

Q- Will you track the flight?
A- Yes we will track the flight and will know if there's any delays for any arriving customers.

Q- How will we find you at the airport?
A- Upon arrival at the airport, follow the signs to the baggage claim and collect your luggage. Proceed to the outside curb and head to the loading zone. You must make a reservation at least the day before. A driver will be waiting in the cell phone lot at the airport.  

Q- Do you accept credit cards or debit cards
A- Yes. We use SQUARE

Q- Do your drivers smoke?
A- Absolutely not. No smoking allowed in the vehicle.

Q- What are your hours of operation?
A- If you've already made a reservation. We will pick you up at anytime 24/7. No matter how delayed your flight is.

Q- What hours can I call to make a reservation? 

A- Anytime! If we don't answer please leave a text or email hubcap239@gmail.com

Q- What if I need to cancel my reservation?
A- You can cancel at anytime. There is NO cancellation fee. Also if you miss your connection please let us know.

Q- What information do you need at the time of booking?
A- For your Arrival:

 Name, cell number, Airline name and flight number, scheduled time of arrival, date of arrival, and drop off address.
For your departure:
Name, cell number, pick up address, date, time you need to be picked up

Q- Can I reserve online?
A- No. But you can email or text us at anytime. (allow some time for a response)

Q- Can we stop at the store?
A- If mentioned at the time of reservation yes for an additional fee. Driver has the right to decline or charge a fee for any unforeseen stops, no matter how quick you may think your stop is.

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